The 2017 Specialized High School Admission Test (SHSAT) will be held on October 21, 22 for all 8th graders and October 29th / November 4th for all 9th graders.
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Elite divides the school year into four semesters: Fall, Spring, Winter and Summer. The fall and spring semesters are 18 weeks long and the Summer semester is 6 1/2 - 7 weeks long.  The Winter semester runs the 5 days after Christmas Day to New Years Eve.

3studentsDuring the fall and spring semesters, Elite holds most of its classes on Saturdays, with morning and afternoon sessions each lasting approximately four hours.  Elite holds several weekday afternoon classes in the fall for those students preparing for various examinations such as NYC Specialized High School and the SATs.


The summer semester, on the other hand, runs daily except Saturday and Sunday. During the summer, Elite students cover what they will be learning in the upcoming school year, thereby gaining a considerable advantage over their peers.


During the Winter semester, we hold mock test classes for those students preparing for the SATs, Hunter College High School and various Statewide examinations.


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