Similar to the SATs, you can now pick between scores if you take a SAT Subject Test more than once.
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I've learned much in math and I also feel well prepared for the upcoming SHSAT.

- David Yang


I liked being able to learn and have fun at the same time.  Elite Academy helped me because I was able to see the format of the test before taking the real test.

- Linda Pak


I like the practice SHSAT tests and the classes.  The classes at Elite Academy helped me to understand English and Math better than I did before.

- Bairavi Maheswaran


I like Elite Academy because it allows me to get ahead of my class in school.  Elite Academy helped improve my grades in school and prepared me for the SHSAT.

- Janet Lam

Teacher Appreciation PDF Print E-mail

I enjoy the interaction with the students and the effort the majority of the students put into work.  I like learning about their different backgrounds and understanding America's cultural changes through their beliefs and ways.

- Benny Suh

I feel that I'm actually teaching at Elite.  The students are wonderful and extremely ambitious.  Also, I enjoy the support from our supervisors.

- Cynthia Cameron

I enjoy the motivated students and relaxed, friendly environment at Elite Academy.

- Caroline Kim


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