[Elite Academy] Elite Academy – The Right Choice for Your Child

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Elite Academy – The Right Choice for Your Child

Established in New York in 1986, Elite Academy is one of the most renowned academic enrichment/test preparation centers in the region. At Elite Academy, we are committed to strengthening students’ overall academic potential and preparing students for a successful academic career through consistent, rigorous reinforcement of skills. Year-round, we offer a wide range of academic programs to support students of all grade levels. Our certified and experienced instructors, along with our highly trained teacher’s assistants, utilize innovative lesson plans that are tailored to students’ academic needs and goals to help students excel in their studies.

Why Choose Elite Academy?
Elite Academy offers various courses for students of all grade levels. We offer classes for:
1. English
2. Math
3. Writing
4. Statewide Test Preparation
5. Hunter College High School Admissions Examination
6. Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT)
7. Regents Test Preparation
9. New SAT
10. SAT II (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

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