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Since its founding in September 1986, Elite Academy has continually endeavored to provide a fundamental and innovative education. We offer long-term programs that instill complete understanding and commit ourselves to strengthening and reinforcing the student's overall academic capability.



Elite Academy

Established in 1986. Over 20 years ago, Young and Jenny Kwon founded Elite Academy on behalf of their children. Familiar only with the rigorous and strict educational upbringing from abroad, they felt the school system and level of schoolwork their children were now exposed to was inadequate to remain competitive. Young’s and Jenny's collective educational vision was that a child's full academic potential would only be achieved by an initial strong foundation in fundamentals followed by constant fortification and numerous applications of these core concepts in a nurturing environment.

Compelled to advance their children and have their vision materialize, Elite Academy opened in the fall of 1986. Elite Academy began with six small classrooms on a half floor of rented space with roughly 30 students and a handful of teachers. One of the math teachers was Young Kwon himself. Utilizing chalkboards and wooden chairs with desks, Elite Academy offered English, Math, Writing, Science, and Computer courses. Students began their day with a short quiz, went through classwork, and were assigned homework to be completed in preparation for their next class. To promote teamwork amongst the students, Elite Academy created their own softball team the following summer semester. At one point, the teachers even got together and put on a rock band/drama show for the students.

Since then, Elite Academy has grown its course offerings to provide even more educational & enrichment opportunities. Today, Elite Academy provides students from grades 3 to 12 with enrichment classes in English, Math, and Writing. These classes are structured to reflect Common Core standards, and are geared towards strengthening each student’s reading, mathematical/analytical, and writing abilities. In addition to our enrichment courses, we also offer classes for students preparing for the Hunter High School Admissions Test, Specialized High School Admissions Test, Regents Examinations, PSAT/SAT, and SAT II Subject Tests. Our intensive test preparation programs, all of which include mock tests in addition to regular class instruction, have successfully prepared countless students for statewide examinations and for admittance into top middle and high schools and top-tier universities around the country. We believe that Elite Academy is a place where the smart get smarter!

  • Established in 1986
  • Elite Academy offered English, Math, Writing, Science, and Computer courses.
  • Educational & enrichment opportunities
  • Grades 3 to 12 with enrichment classes in English, Math, and Writing.
  • Specialized High School Admissions Test
  • Regents Examinations
  • PSAT/SAT, and SAT II Subject Tests